What's a #Birt? – SunPlantPlate's Other Worldly Dictionary Definition

I was squeegeeing the bath this morning after having taken a cleansing shower.

It stops the dirt building up.

Erroneously, I spoke out loud, β€œThat takes care of the Birt th… what?!”

Another definition born.

  • Birt – a build up of dirt.

I opened the window just in time to see a mysterious talc float by.

The other worldly dictionary of @sunplantplate

@SuzyV – #SuzanneVega at Bridgewater Hall #Manchester

I recently met Suzanne Vega at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester where she put on a fantastic gig! I was able to give her a gift of the cd I made containing three songs I wrote including the one about a photograph from the Suzanne Vega songbook – She Stands In The Dark.

Photo - CD cover featuring Suzanne Vega under a New York transit staircase with a lady in the background

It was a real pleasure meeting her and on stage Suzy baby’s voice was liquid gold. During My Movie she came to the front of the stage and sang to me! Yes she did! It was awesome. Suzanne burst into a grin as she looked upon me trying to stifle my own.

I shared many, many smiles with the bassist who seemed just as delighted to be there as I was.

Those smiles left me wondering if they’d listened to my CD before coming on stage.. I don’t know.. I’d like to think so! πŸ˜€

Suze (I hope she’s as ok as I am with people using variations of my name!) kept looking over through As Girls Go too which I associate with! I have a much stronger feminine energy than masculine, people mistake me for a girl fairly frequently before looking closer! I got wolf whistled once too – something I share with the pick up of my great grandma by my great grandad! I wasn’t interested in the guy though! As the white van passed by, he spotted the beard and his face receded frozen in horror into the distance! πŸ˜ƒ To give him his due I was pushing my son in his pram at the time and I did have very short shorts on! You know, I was hot stuff!

All in all, I had a great night. The image of Suzanne striking a pose, cabaret style, her hand on her top hat, head back singing out without restrain is emblazoned forever on my mind. An eternal, unforgettable, devine moment. Forget photographs of gigs. Remember these things! Amazing!

The drumming was awesome especially when the guy let rip and his checked suit was brilliant – he reminded me of my dad (something Italian going there?).

The bass and twelve string guitar playing was sublime, weaving absolutely spell binding, breath taking moments throughout the gig.

I made some great friends too!

The Suzanne Vega audience certainly wins my most approachable, instantly-click, friendliest audience in the world award. If you like Suzanne Vega and you also want to make new friends go to one of Suzy’s gigs!

The next day felt unreal. Had it really happened? Had I imagined the smile, her looking over, her singing to me? Had I really given her a CD? Had she really signed the photo?

I have the evidence.. it really did all happen!

Photo of gift bag with Bluetooth speaker, badge, signed photo, booklet

πŸ˜€ xx

Not just knowing, being. Humanity and the One coexisting.

Yesterday, both the peace of the One that contains all of existence and the mind of the path that is Steve, in the ever fluxing fractal of consciousness, manifested themselves side by side overlaying my body’s brain.

On the left side and above (seen from inside) the human limited fraction of consciousness (Steve) and the mindful decisions, alternatives, options. On the right and abovr the peace and tranquility of the One. Where they touch they coalesce, merging, knowing each other, communicating through the fractal layers.

It is the first time both have manifested together at the same time within my human form.

I, as a fraction of the One, have always known the plurality of existence but had never been it.

I could always be One or be Steve or whoever, whatever in an instant.

Being both brings serenity. A living space in which a life can be best lived freer of worry, one half the fraction that is human, the other side the whole. Interacting where they meet at the centre, fuzzily entwining, short fractal like tendrils appear and disappear from and into the fractal behind it all.

It is there now, always has been, always will be. I am awake. I am directly known. I have become myself and the One together.

Learning through humanity, accepting through entirety.

Being the beautiful peace, the balance of all things. Being the fuzzy-learning, outward-looking-upon-Oneself human making sense of it all. Free in the joy of learning.

I phase to and fro fluidly now between the dual states of mind that occupy us all – that occupy Everything.

In the world with-out everything will be ok. We will all be ok. We are all One. For all of us there is a beautiful cosmic entanglement awaiting. The paths of ourselves will be entwined and it is all for the better.

Love and light, people of more masculine energy, people (like myself) of more feminine energy, animals, plants, rocks, soil, Everything, Oneself.

Here we go – in all our fractal forms!


Coping Strategies – Happiness is riding a bike! #selfhelp

A friend asked some questions and I responded. I thought I would share my edited response wider. These are my ways of maintaining strength, coping with tiredness and finding happiness.

Happiness is riding a bike!

I must do it every time I feel down no matter how much effort it seems to be. For me, I lift from my human state into the higher self behind Steve and further into the self of which we are all small parts. It’s beautiful and very therapeutic.

My ultimate ‘belief’

My ultimate ‘belief’ is that we are all One – that is everything and everything. Every single molecule. Everything that exists. It’s all One thing. One occupies no physical space nor time. We experience the changing flux of everything in order to learn about ourself, Oneself, everything πŸ™‚ Casting my mind between human and wider to the One’s experience is also therapeutic. No matter how bad or good things seem to get their is an overall balance. In the One state there is simply a state of blissful contentment, peaceful beauty.

I think that’s maybe what some others see as enlightenment. Really it’s just a simple case of asking to be shown and then you can return in any instant awake, asleep, talking, doing, not doing.

I carry this meditative state with me at all times although it certainly can feel far away when I’m thrown completely into my human self when tired. The knowledge remains though and the tired, upset experience is simply one of learning. In that way I carry Hope with me too at all times – especially in times of despair when that too seems far away.


I like to sit and be in the garden. I don’t avoid thinking – clearing the human mind is not necessary to reach the clearness of the One mind. I do focus on the beauty around me. I do let the acceptance of good and bad which leads to blissful contentment flow through me. I smile inside and out.

Exercise – flexibility and strength

I do exercise. A healthy mind is supported by a healthy body and vice versa. Both support a healthy energy and reduce periods of tiredness that may at times affect us.

Each morning I stretch. To avoid feeling old and telling myself I cannot do something because I am old I maintain my flexibility. Flexibility is not an age issue it is a body use issue.

I have added situps the mix as my lower back gave up on me in June this year, 5 months ago. I realised that flexibility is fine but strength is also necessary.

I started with stomach crunches. I could only do 8. Simply lifting my shoulders and head from the ground, left, centre, right. After 2 months that number was up to 99. I could have gone further but chose to stop to keep myself reaching. I felt if I went to 100 I might then feel I had achieved a goal when actually maintenance is more important.

After several days of 99 and feeling my stomach muscles needed something more I upgraded to sit ups. By this time my back had crunched its misalignment out on my floor – in the first week of crunches. So good! A welcome relief that at the time was still needing support of stronger muscles.

I hooked my socked toes underneath the wardrobe door and began. My stomach responded, taxed again, up left down, up centre down, up right down. I count out aloud to assist my breathing and focus on engaging my stomach muscles whilst relaxing my body. I did 10 maybe the first time. I’m now up to 50 or 60, 2 or 3 months later.

My stomach maintains its integrity throughout the day and even through days I don’t do the exercise, however, not looking after myself is rare and brought on by tiredness.

Posture – self correcting

The pronounced arch in my lower back has softened greatly into a fine curve. I am standing taller and straighter.

I still get pain but only when I sneeze. My stomach muscles do their job well and protect me from any spasms.

I do the sit ups at night too to engage the muscles. I have also determinedly lain straighter with just a slight bend at my knees and pelvis rather than curled up foetally or in rescue position with one leg straight the other tucked up. Being in this better position has also helped tremendously. I support the position with a pillow placed lengthways down my body from my chin to my pelvis.

Friends – same time and place

Friends are so important. Talking things through sharing tools and coping strategies really helps.

Finding someone with a shared experience really helps too. If they are at the same place emotionally that helps too especially if you match in personalities, insights, emotions and intelligence.

Lost but still a part – One

I still wish people lost to me now all the best. How could I not? I take comfort knowing they like me are a part of our higher self. Knowing that brings peace and contentment, however, humanly, there may still be floods of tears. I make effort to sit with such losses at the higher level. There will be tears and that is acceptable because they are tears of pure love.

I hope the above resonates with you and is helpful.

Much love and light,

The City #poem #poetry #Manchester

The City

Years ago I wrote observational poetry. The poem’s name was the date. There are so many people here now observations are fleeting. Hopping from person to person. A necklace, a bald head, a mohican, a yellow bag, hackney carriage, stagecoach bus, hood up, umbrella wet, no coat, a smile, two police – ying and yang, dark haired girl on phone clerical glasses, island bag, tight black shirt, purple long hair, hands in pockets, rucksack on a single shoulder, the mobile shuffle and roll, afro and plaits, witchway, white in-ear phones, acrylic going out jumper, parker and a plume of grey forehead hair, girl on a giant bike, bleach blond swept back hair, another phone, white earphones, things begin to repeat, umbrella carried horizontally in hand, a tram, a Japanese car, a push chair. It’s so difficult these days to see the whole picture it’s no wonder we barely see each other. Still, I feel safe and sip my soya latte as a man ties his shoelace outside. 30 Sep 2017.