My friend Jaye: Mad Cycle Lanes of Manchester: Death of a "cyclist"

On Saturday 3rd August, my lovely friend Jaye was killed whilst crossing the road on her bike at Princess Parkway.

Jaye followed Mad Cycle Lanes of Manchester on Twitter and a link to their blog follows.  It contains some upsetting images.

Following the link is a copy of my comment on their blog.

In Jaye’s name I will attempt to get these ideas to the right person so it may not happen again.

My comment :

Jaye was a wonderful person. So lovely, smiley and funny.

We can’t sit idle and let this happen again.

That corner is awful either in a car, on a bike or as a pedestrian.

Some traffic calming measures definitely need to be put in place :

1  A roughened road surface to psychologically make drivers slow down

2  Making the two lanes into one – getting rid of the added danger of an all too inviting (and unnecessary) overtaking lane, therefore :

3  Having only one lane feed into the slip road so drivers are forward facing and not driving in their mirrors

4  Narrowing and slowing paint work on lane to warn motorists of impending traffic lights
All of these points work together to help keep drivers aware for a safer crossing.

There can be no excuses for dangerous driving. We can only try to make things better.

In Jaye’s name, let’s help make the roads safer.

Love on you Jaye,
Steve Cunio

Ps It would do no harm to have traffic slowing lines at the end of Princess Park Way or a camera on that last stretch where drivers pick up speed too. SC

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