From 25 Sep 13 – 6 week Psychodrama with Phil Burgess

My good friend, Phil Burgess will be running a 6 week Psychodrama group at a venue in Whalley Range, Manchester.

Here’s the brief:

Being In Action
A Six Week Group Introducing Action Methods
With Phil Burgess

An opportunity to experience Psychodrama, a holistic, action based method in which you will be helped to explore your individual issues – past, present and future- through the use of dramatic action.

Psychodrama helps develop emotional and physical well-being and builds and strengthens the cognitive, behavioural and affective skills through movement and action.

Psychodrama can, for example, help you to better understand yourself and your history, resolve loss and trauma, overcome fears, improve your intimate and social relationships, express and integrate blocked thoughts and emotions, practise new skills or prepare for the future.

As you move from ‘talking about’ into action, opportunities arise to heal the past, clarify the present and imagine the future. Psychodrama can offer a wider perspective on your individual and social problems and an opportunity to try out new behaviours.

Wednesday 25th September from 7.00 to 9.00
£8 per session
for six weeks.
Venue in Whalley Range.
The full details will be given on registration

Places limited. To register
Please email: or call 07910416749


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