Love, regret, hate

Too much hate and too many regrets have filled my heart daily.

I intend to fill their place in my heart and mind with love.

Already I feel stronger.  The power of positivity filling my veins.

No placebo.  Love is in my life.

In my mind I replace hate and regret with love.

The love is not for those who deserve to be hated.

The love is for all the people I love in my life and the memories they have given me.

If I catch myself sorrowed by the past, I remember love and those who love me.

In simplest terms, before I go to sleep and when I awake, I banish regrets and hate to the back of my mind.

The hate and regrets sit there, not too far away and witness the words.

‘Love. Love. Love. Love.’

The dark thoughts are weakened and love covers them until they weep with pity.

I feel relief.  I feel love swelling; filling my heart and mind.

Today is a good day.  There is love inside of me.

The love spreads around me.

Today and every day it is love I intend to grow.



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