My Second Curry – Tofu, Spinach, Mushroom #vegan #fok


Wholefood Tofu, Spinach and Mushroom Curry!

Made my first curry the other day when a good friend dropped by.  Strictly, I guess it was more of a potato and broccoli dahl being lentil based.  It was alright…  Not hot enough for me. It needed some pep.

It was, however, very well liked and wholefoody filling for my guest, so maybe after my OMG soup my expectations were too high?!

This one was different! I bought some chilli powder! “Caution : use sparingly”

Curry Number 2
What you see above is wholegrain rice with a tofu, spinach and mushroom hot chilli sauce. Firstly I blanched (is that the right term? I don’t use oil) the onions, added in a Kallo stock cube, a couple of dashes of chilli powder, a couple of teaspoons of curry powder and then whatever came to hand.

The Veg Hunt
While the rice carried on cooking, I threw in some cashew nuts; came across the spinach – chucked half a big bag in as it goes down to nothing; got the smoked (prefer non smoked next time) tofu under the grill; sliced up some red pepper – in it went; discovered the mushrooms – sliced a good portion up and whallop – looking tasty!

25 Minutes, 3 Meals Cooked!
Result! Very tasty, hot veg and tofu curry n rice.  Yesterday’s tea, today’s lunch and tonight’s tea! Just add lettuce!

So there you go. My second vegan wholefood curry!

It was lovely but still not OMG – yet!


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