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My first Eastern inspired dish, raw and cooked

Feels Amazing
It’s quite unbelievable to find that after years of eating post war mass manufactured food, sold to us as convenient, great food is even easier and tastier!

Just 10 minutes from start to finish. Two meals cooked in one go. That’s 5 minutes per meal. That’s Convenient with a capital C!

Looking through my recently uploaded Google+ photos, I passed a picture of a delicious Thai meal.  I skipped back and realised I had most of the core ingredients – or, at least, viable substitutes in the fridge.  Tonight is Thai night!

Firstly, a quick check of the packet of King Soba Organic Brown Rice Udon Noodles told me they cooked in only 6 minutes. As a calm, attentive homechef, this meant chopping the vegetables whilst the water boiled in two pans.

Into one went the noodles, into the other shallow frying pan water, the broccoli. The idea was to soften the broccoli but not overcook it, adding in the chopped mushrooms after several minutes, the cashews and spinach at the last minute.

The other veg, I felt, needed no cooking at all.

I find the less the veg is cooked to death the more I enjoy it and the tastier it is.

In the raw pile were the carrots, courgette, pepper, sundried tomatoes, all later supplemented (post photo) with radish, cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

To add to the Eastern aesthetic I cut the veg lengthways in bite size pieces.

To finish off I sprinkled the serving with Lime juice.

Ten Minute Euphoria
Seeing what I had prepared, eating and finishing it I felt elated! I still do!

It’s official!  Great, convenient homemade wholesome food makes you feel awesome!