Italian Night! Mushroom and Chickpea Spelt Pasta #vegan


Mushroom and Chickpea Spelt Pasta - gluten free

Satisfying Spelt Pasta
Tonight I threw together a very tasty and extremely fulfilling mushroom and chickpea spelt pasta!

You can too in about 10 minutes. Convenience food that’s wholefood and organic with some raw extras.

Put on some tunes
Tonight I was accompanied by the Melvins – heavier than heavy!

I got a couple of pans, boiled the water in the smaller medium sized one, and did two portions of Castagna Bio Wholegrain Spelt pasta twists.

TOP TIP: One portion of small pasta twists covers one half of a big plate when dry.

I boiled a couple of cms of water in the larger pan, chopped 3 brown organic mushrooms, and a complete head of broccoli and threw them in, turning down the heat a little.

Keep your eye on the water so it doesn’t boil dry. Nick some from the pasta if you need to!

Once the mushrooms and broccoli has softened tip in a tin of organic tomatoes and a tin of chickpeas and cover to cook.

Drain the pasta when done and give the extras a bit more time until the chickpeas have softened. Eat one to see!

Add some Raw!
Turn off the heat, add raw, chopped pepper and carrots and the pasta to the extras – or whatever you have to hand.

It’s all in the eating
Eat that meal until it is history.  You should feel very, very satisfied in a warm, snuggly, wrapped in a blanket of yumminess kind of way! Gorgeous in fact! Sedated.

Brucie Bonus
The usual Brucie bonus is that there is some mushroom and chickpea spelt pasta cooling in the pan for tomorrow’s lunch.  If you can wait that long.  Yeah!

Now playing : The Melvins, Tipping the Lion (new and improved)


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