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My new Dr Who Dalek Flannel prezzoe

Beware Citizens! Daleks are now heavily disguised as inanimate household objects.

Adding water to this captured bed-linen-camo-dalek flannel will have diastrious effects if added after midnight.

Due to time and space being invented by he calling himself Dr Who, well, let’s face it, some time ago, (starting all of time at midnight – typical of his sadistic sense of humour) any time is now deemed to be after midnight.

There is no where in time and space that you will be safe!

Dropping this innocent looking flannel into, say, a swimming pool, say,  within the TARDIS itself, will, according to the population of the reiterative universe, put the joke entirely back onto the so called doctor himself.

Good riddance say we all!  And Doctor, if you’re reading this, why not use your polka dot duvet this evening? Feeling lucky?

Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy your new Dalek flannel or should we say flannels? 

Is that a tap dripping?