Throw in the Pan Organic Veg and Rice (vegan)


Throw in the Pan Organic Veg and Rice

Another very easy Organic dish to throw together in a large frying pan on a low heat.

Put your nutrious brown rice on to cook in a pan of water for 25 mins.

Heat oven to 190 deg C.  Put in the peeled (do they need peeling? – try with skins on!) and chopped sweet potatoes and whole mushrooms in to roast for 20 mins.

Roasting the mushrooms really brings out their flavour and they don’t shrink to nothing!

Boil a bit of water in the bottom of your frying pan.

Next raid fridge. I raid enough for two to three meals – it’s so tasty!

I’ve used organic red onions, carrots, courgette, broccoli, red kale, fresh tomatoes chopped and bashed and tofu. I sprinkled the lot with curry powder.

As the pan got full, I added more water to distribute the medium/low heat whilst cooking n chopping.

I prefer my veg warmed through slightly as it’s freezing outside. In the summer I’d actually eat as much of this raw as I possibly could.

Basically the less you nuke your veg the tastier it is, giving you more of its nutrients and being easier to digest, retaining its fibre.

Done in half an hour. 

Absolutely gorgeous!


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