Watch "The Truth About Your Food with FOOD, INC." #foodinc

The Truth About Your Food with FOOD, INC.  Filmmaker talks about making the film that actually did change my world:

Forks Over Knives changed the way I eat.  Food Inc changed the way I think.

Food Inc deepened my compassion with the animals that are suffering and with the farmers who are being riden over by huge corporations.

The Filmmaker, at the time of the film, still eats meat that he feels is ethically sourced.  I guess the situation will affect people to varying degrees and at different paces.

I watched this film immediately after watching Forks Over Knives, months ago.  I wish that experience had been shared, so I’m sharing it now.

Some images will change you, arouse compassion in you or at worst make you sneer.

The images will never leave you.

I’d never want my female friends to be kept pregnant, to lactate, to feed other animals. To have them lame and so overburdened with milk their underside would be red and raw. The only way to move them being to prod them with an electrified cattle prod.

Seeing Jen and her mum in the kitchen made me so glad that we were free of such atrocities. Glad they weren’t being treated the same way. Glad, to not eat yoghurt or drink milk [from animals] , glad, I wasn’t a part of that cow’s, that female’s suffering because I would never want to see it happen to my nearest and dearest. Just seeing Jen and her mum walking around the kitchen made me so relieved it wasn’t them.

Seeing the lads, being glad they weren’t taken from their mother at birth and killed to feed other animals. Animals who might not like the sauce on their burger and throw it away.

Food Inc raised my compassion to the next level.  I’m told the film Earthlings may have the same effect. I’m already there, so don’t wish to watch it. I’m just glad to be living the change the world needs.

Be the Change
I add my voice to petitions that matter, that have weight, are researched and are well targeted.

In this way I help where I can.

I only work for socially responsible enterprises and co-operatives with sound guiding ethics.

We’re all learning, all progressing, all trying to make this world better for the future.

If you want, join us, in a group or by yourself. You are welcome.

It’s just Doable.
It’s not radical; unless buying freshly picked, organic, local fruit and veg is radical.. It’s not extreme unless having compassion for another being’s suffering is extreme.. Simply put, it’s just doable.

Doable for the sake of a cause greater than ourselves; doable for our planet, for the people and the animals that share it.

Planet Saving and Caring
What do you get out of your diet/lifestyle?  Do you get, not to be a part of global suffering? Do you get, to save the planet just by being good to yourself? Simply by caring about other beings around you by what food you put into yourself and your familiy’s stomachs?

If not, then you might want to watch the full version of Food Inc to see where I’m coming from.  Then, if you haven’t already, watch Forks Over Knives as a guide to making the changes needed to help, not only yourself, but your family, relatives and friends.

Thank you


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