Dehydration – a clean body's early warning system #cold

I’ve woken up early again but I’m dehydrated so I drink some water, kept next to my bed, covered with R2D2’s mug head.


My R2D2 water mug

Nothing unusual so far then..

But then I wake several more times, in quick succession, with dry lips and then several more times again, just as I start to drift.

The analysis

I try to think what I’ve eaten to cause the dehydration or what I have done differently. A couple of slight variations to the usual but nothing major.

Then going into the bathroom for my fourth-ish R2D2 refill, I remember.

Ah, the last time this happened I had a cold for two days afterwards. Last time was the first time it had happened. I was drinking pints of water then, my body wanting more and more.  I didn’ know what was going on, it was late, I couldn’t go to bed, I could only drink more and more water.

Then I got a cold. A two day cold when everyone else in the house had already had it, or would have it, for two weeks.

The results

All I can put my body’s ability to communicate its need for water down to, before I get ill,  is a cleaner internal body. 

As I avoid consuming highly processed, sugary, salty foods, my body is able to actually divert energy to the processes that matter most to it – survival, prevention of disease and a swift recovery.

Even before I knew I was ill, my body was being attacked. My body’s response was to minimise the danger, and prevent the bug from getting a foothold. I feel amazed at how my body is so in charge of me at this time. It’s really strange to feel my body in control of my mind.

So I drink and I drink.

Back to the future

This morning is the same. I remember that I had to clear my throat several times during yoga, last night.  Again, nothing major but now I realise my body is in Defence Mode.

Cold prevention

This is true cold prevention. Good food and a healthy lifestyle frees your body up to do what it does best – protect you against invasion.

So, I fill my mug again and this time drink properly. Flushing my system, reducing a potentially, debilitating cold before it starts.

So now it’s water for me for the next few hours.  I can look forward to a nice short cold that could have been longer, had my body been occupied with other things like breaking down unnutritional food.

Relearning what should be innate

It’s still strange that I am having to relearn what should be innate; an innate sense that had been covered up by consumption of processed, denatured, sugared and salted food.  Good wholesome food needs no added sugar, or salt, or industrial substitutes.

So thank you dehydration, my body’s new way of tackling a cold before it starts.

And thank you Forks Over Knives for influencing my mind and putting me on the path where my body and mind are finally working in unison again – co-operatively as a team. 

The benefits

It feels new and fresh.  I’m so glad the benefits of eating well are so worthwhile; preventing the cause of a cold rather than preventing the symptoms of a cold, like so much western pharmaceuticals.

There are many other benefits too, supported by our body’s natural ability to prevent a cold and things far, far worse than that.


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