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My new 7w LED G9 bulb is slightly bigger than its 40w halogen counterpart

As one of the halogen bulbs had gone in my bedside lights I thought I’d replace both of them with more energy efficient LED bulbs.

The lighting provided here was from another dimmable G9 LED 7w bulb.

The two bulbs provide a similar brightness.  I prefer the LED’s natural light which is very pleasant to read by and when dimmed casts a beautiful, soft, pure white light.

Warm white bulbs are also available for mood setting being more yellow in the colour they cast.

Though bigger the 7w G9 led saves a lot of energy over its smaller halogen 40w counterpart.  Meaning you lower your fuel bills, do your bit for the planet and get better, purer light too.

You just need to make sure your light fitting is going to accommodate it.