Quote, Silent Spring, Chapter One, Rachel Carson #eco #wisewords

What follows is a quote from Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, Chapter One, The Obligation to Endure :

“Future historians may well be amazed by our distorted sense of proportion.  How could intelligent beings seek to control a few unwanted species by a method that contaminated the entire environment and brought the threat of disease and death even to their own kind?  Yet this is precisely what we have done.  We have done it moreover for reasons that collapse the moment we examine them.  We are told that the enormous  and expanding use of pesticides is necessary to maintain farm production.  Yet is our real problem not one of over-production?”

Though this is damning and still true today, there are solutions.

An example is stock-free, Organic farming, certified by the Vegan Organic Network.

A working example for over 30 years being Tolhurst Organic.

There are others out there but after Rachel’s carrion call of 52 years ago little has changed for the better.

We are seeing more and more monoculture; more use of pesticides and antibiotics; genetically modified organisms.

Yet we take eons to evolve to our environment and therefore to that which we consume also.

“.. non-selective chemicals that have the power to kill every insect, the ‘good’ and the ‘bad ‘..”  only lead to more resistant strains of insect and bacteria.

Bacteria and insects evolve faster than we do. In nature we have the knowledge to live and deal with that in harmony.  In a chemically driven world only the insects and bacteria evolve to cope.  In the end, old chemicals that no longer work are replaced by newer ones, so on and so forth.  In this particular chain of events it’s ourselves and the stocks that eat the crops, (whilst people around the world starve) that do not evolve resistance quickly enough.

“They should not be called ‘insecticides’, but ‘biocides’.”

It’s time to use our ingenuity, make optimum use of the land and adopt widespread stock-free, organic solutions.


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