Theory: The Brain Exposed – The Brain as a Receptor #theory #esoteric

Some Thoughts on the Nature of the Brain

The brain’s functioning may elude scientific research perhaps because it isn’t the instrument of thought we think it is.  Maybe the brain is a receptor of thought.

The Brain as a Receptor

It is quite possible that you have experienced random thoughts or indeed book-long streams of consciousness as if from nowhere.  The process behind the thought did not seem to resonate from within your own brain space.

Looking at the brain with all its known complex receptor and conversion areas, the brain as a receptor would use these areas to transmit thought-jobs into the space around us (putting things on the back burner) and receive back completed thought processes.

Essentially, your thoughts tend not to be unique and sometimes draw on common themes throughout your culture, without your apparent conscious awareness of events.

This may be due to our thoughts sharing the common space around us, each processing locally, close to our own physical being.

Geographic locations, smells, feelings contain memory

Have you ever walked through a place you have been to before and been reminded of things you had thought you had forgotten?

Our thought processes occurring in the space around us, would mean we use what we need in the short term and leave the attributes of thought behind in the space we inhabited.

Ghosts as memory

It is likely that some of us will share a similar brain pattern to others who have passed along the way before.  Sometimes the memory left in the space can be very strong.

When people witness ghosts walking down non-existent corridors and each account resembles another, then perhaps they are not ghosts at all but our brains receiving the memory stored in the space at that location.

Because we are not viewing the memories with the person’s brain who witnessed the events, the images, if picked up at all, are usually of varying degrees of fuzziness.  The fuzziness is simply due to our brains being inherently different to each other; each brain being unique within the universe.

This does not explain all instances of ghosts and is not meant to explain away the notion of ghosts.

Space as a communication channel

It may be that energy within space, perhaps the energy of deceased relatives, being a common sight, open communication channels to your brain in places they never visited when alive.

Hence, your long absent father may appear in the bedroom of your new house – a place he never even visited whilst alive.

Communication through feelings

Sometimes people’s physical brains let them down and the brain cannot make full sense of the thought-job results the space around passes back to them.

This can be very distressing for the person concerned and the people around them.

For instance dementia is a debilitating degenerative process that a person knows is happening to them.  The physical brain is no longer connecting properly and yet there can be moments of lucidity when the connection between the brain as a receptor and the thoughts in the space around align, despite the physical degeneration.

This takes the people around and the person themselves by complete surprise.  The clarity feels like a break through, and it is but it is short lived, the process requiring too much energy to sustain.

However, a lot of the degeneration can affect communication via language.  This is where feelings, shared understanding and empathy play a larger part in the human condition than linear speech ever can.

A person can still feel valued for their higher self on a physical level, despite the physical brain letting them down, because of people’s ability to express understanding and show empathy.

Communication between our higher selves

We can also communicate directly between our higher selves, a level of conscious communication available to us all.  (Remember when you knew the phone was going to ring, you knew who was going to ring, and then they did?)

Healing can be given through alignment and the peaceful use of this higher communication level.

Non-verbal, yet lingual communication in itself, can also take place in this space, communicating at such a level with other people’s higher selves. The communication in the space being unhindered by the physical constraints of the brain – degenerative or fully functioning.

Exercises done between people on this level, can manifest themselves physically.

A person with dementia may use, sadly not as successfully, exercises done with their higher self in order to help make them better.

The physical brain, however, is a barrier to complete and successful regeneration.

Using your own Brain as a Receptor

It is however, good to communicate at the higher level and you can do it yourself.  All you need to do is let go of any inhibitions and try.

Realising, or thinking of the brain as a receptor may help you ask those questions of life you thought you never had the time to resolve.  Simply ask them of the space surrounding us all, put out the thought-job into the space and a receiver on the back burner in your own physical brain.

Leave it be and the answers, perhaps leading to even more questionable, questions will come forth.

The joy, as always with conscious awareness, is in the learning.


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