Thoughts on Creating the world's largest ever satellite constellation – @richardbranson

Creating the world’s largest ever satellite constellation –

This looks and sounds like a fantastic project.


I’m not entirely sure of the level of Richard Branson’s philanthropy involved though as there is no mention of projected costs to the inhabitants of Earth for use of the constellation.

I hope the economies of scale the constellation will bring will be passed on to existing and new Virgin customers via a cheap, no line rental required, broadband service.

Sometimes it’s the small obligatory costs that need reassessing and ultimately removing to enable access to as many people as possible.

Environmental Impact

It would be a very interesting project to keep an eye on the environmental change that such satellite systems bring to areas that are not yet affected by such technology.  Surveying wildlife and people, users and non-users, pre and post engagement.


The imagery in the article reminds me of my hive idea for satellites where older satellites would be superseded by newer, higher level satellites that essentially fill the gaps and overlay the existing structure in spiral like constellations.

Nice to see what appear to be overlapping trajectories, reminiscent of my thoughts, not 100% coverage where there might be failure, but coverage all the same.

I like synchronicity like that.  Makes it feel like we’re all progressing well for the good of everyone and everything.



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