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UPDATE: Use cable ties instead of tape – they really fix the cage in place!

To attach a water bottle holder to a Dahon fold up bike requires careful placement of the cage into a space that still exists once the bike is folded up.


Placing at the lower end of the stem gives easy access to the bottle and sits in a suitable space when the bike is folded.


Here’s the holder with one of my new Sea Shepherd water bottles, made from a non plastic sugar based substance that is fully biodegradable.

The bottle won’t pollute our oceans or your stomach and they are currently available from the Sea Shepherd UK EBay shop.


Once folded the cage is hard to spot but fits snugly without catching on any other part. Now I can ride and keep hydrated!


So there you go, a DIY water bottle holder with one of the most environmentally friendly water bottles on the planet installed on a Dahon fold up bike.