At the bottom of a mountain Albay – Kurilov Nikolay Nikolaevich – Google Cultural Institute #Yakutia

I think the image from the link below is very beautiful.

I browsed to this particular image having made up a word out of fridge magnets on the boiler a couple of days ago. The name of this museum, Yakutia, caught my eye being very similar to the word I made up.

Fridge magnet serendipity is a nice way to find something new!

I was originally browsing information on the Qumran Scrolls which I now know are the Dead Sea Scrolls by their more popular name.

The Dead Sea Scrolls museum site is a Google Cultural Institute site. I clicked to find out more and a couple of links later I found myself happily at the foot of Kurilov Nikolay Nikolaevich’s mountain. :mrgreen:

Bizarrely, I have just read their news item at and Yakutia only went online three days ago.. Serendipity indeed!

I am intrigued by the translated from Russian phrase: Yakut heroic epic Olonkho recognized as “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.”. I’ll keep you updated as I find out more..


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