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Peace – As #SpokenByTheBull

I remember the last time with Jane
What a cow
She looked so good I wanted to eat her
Suckle at her teats

Plain Jane, the dirty cow
Is always getting pregnant
With many other men
Handling her
This way and that

Over the years up they bring Jane’s sons
And drink her daughters’ milk
Fresh from the factory

But they are no bulls like me
They do so,
By ripping off plastic
Pretty picture, cardboard disguises
Of the slaughterhouse meat
For which her sons give their lives
While she, the fat cow, grows fatter and fatter
And hu’ men, women, girls and boys
Drink milk from her teats

I miss my Jane
My young, lithe cow
So pretty, so pristine
Wand’rin’ lonely as a cloud
‘Fore she got herself a career
Satisfying the greeds of
Hu’ men, women, girls, boys.. and fear

Drink, they do,
Her milk for her calcium
Intended for her calves
Taking more out of their bones
Than they ever put in
Ridding themselves of Jane’s
Non human protein
Leeching, Leeching, Leeching
Until osteoporosis sets in

Eat your Greens, Greens, Greens
Build your bones like me
Return my Jane from the factory

Live not in fear my child
Hu’ man, woman, girl and boy
Rid yourself of fear, dairy and meat
And leave us to live and love in peace

This poem is dedicated to Clarabelle

Just a month after writing this poem, the story of Clarabelle hit the headlines http://www.edgarsmission.org.au/40751/something-to-hide/

I read the story at One Green Planet first: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/former-dairy-calf-finally-gets-to-keep-one-of-her-babies/  I couldn’t believe the timing – just as I was about to release my poem.  There’s something in the air!

The story of Clarabelle affirms my poem’s purpose and is a source of hope where mostly there is none.

Share and use freely under Creative Commons license. The video is available publicly (no signin required) on Google Drive at: http://goo.gl/Wa7ZSR

I wrote this poem on 12 January 2015.  The poem was inspired by forksoverknives.com and foodinc.com.

For the cows everywhere, please feel free to copy freely and share widely

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