Why You Shouldn't Eat Palm Oil #Vegan #NotJustVegans

To me there is an an analogy with honey. Some of us don’t eat honey because bees are deliberately killed in the process.

To get Palm Oil many Orangutans and many, many other species are deliberately killed.

The rainforest is their hive.

Avoid processed foods, there are plenty of Wholefood alternatives that not only taste amazing but are better for you.

Raw chocolates unlaiden with Palm Oil and refined sugar are delicious occasional treats and the taste of fruit and salad will grow on you so much you won’t believe you never could eat it.

Orangutans will thank you, other rainforest species will thank you, the rainforests themselves and finally the human race, when they wake up, will thank you. Maybe not for saving the Orangutans but for saving the forest and the air we breathe.

Mind you, I wouldn’t hold your breath on the last one – somebody’s probably already planning Fresh Air in a bottle for those who can afford it.


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