I'm a dad to Jacqueline the friendly cow! @farmanimalsanct

My best present this year was from my wife!

Jen adopted Jacqueline, a gift of life for two Earthlings, Jacqueline and her calf Josephine, saved from a wretched existence and certain death.

Unlike Jacqueline’s other female counterparts she will not be kept forcibly pregnant to produce dairy for uncompassionate human consumption. Jacqueline will not see her sons become burgers and her daughters become the next generation of biological milk factories and burger producers.

Instead, Jacqueline will enjoy a simple life with her single calf Josephine.

If only all cows and bulls could enjoy such a thing.

Thanks to everyone at the Farm Animal Sanctuary for the chance to help and become a dad to such a wonderful Earthling.

Thanks also to Joanna Lumley for raising the Sanctuary’s public profile. Wonderful work.


Why not adopt a sheep or a pig too?

“Whoever believes that farm animals can be raised and slaughtered humanely should be here to listen to the constant bleating’s of our neighbour’s ewes. Their lambs have just been rounded up and taken to the slaughterhouse. The ewes have been frantically searching the fields looking for them for days. The lambs will bleat for the whole of the journey, their first, and what will be their last. They will get over it one way or the other, they don’t have a choice.” Janet Taylor

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