I am not unhappy: A new way of being #selfhelp

In truth, I am not always happy and never will at all times be happy.

This is liberating to say. It may even sound sad but only when the ideal of being happy is your only motivating factor.

To have to be happy always is stressing us out. Yet we are sold this dream daily.

Pursuing extreme happiness is taking too much of our daily energy.

The material world that surrounds us flourishes by promising attainment of the fat cat society’s purposefully, unreachable, single motivating factor for the lower echelons – to be happy, one purchase after another: you can be happy / you will be happy / you could have been happy / this is how happy you can be!

Never, ever once suggesting, you are already happy enough.

They want us to keep chasing rainbows, never giving us time to question the chase. Never giving us time to even see the rainbow inside each and every one us – from birth to death and beyond.

One day we say I am not happy living this way, chasing your rainbows. We try to side step society but do not realise the motivator that still drives us, is false. We still want what the fat cat offered: to be happy but on our own terms. So we chase different rainbows, rainbows of our own making.

Yet we are still not happy, there is always something that needs to be done before we are; the washing up, the dusting, the vacuuming, food shopping, going to work, the list is endless only ever ending when we pass on.

Dawning thoughts arise. What does it mean ‘to be happy’? What is happiness? What if happiness is never fully attainable?

Can we change society for the better by changing our need to be happy into something else? Can we free up our potential? Can we actually free up the creative potential of humanity as a whole?

Try this. A new motivator for a better life. Centre yourself, take a breath and bravely say:

‘I am not unhappy.’

Look around. Do you feel unhappy in your space? If so find a neutral place. Try instead the phrase:

‘I am not unhappy in this space.’

This is a good test. Does a lightness come to your being? Or like me, does a smile simply appear on your face without any effort whatsoever? Can you see the rainbow of happiness you were chasing vanish? Can you feel your depression lift? The oppression of you lift? The demons in your head vanish into the thin air around you? They are not here. Can you feel the rainbow inside of you flutter? Do you fancy doing that free, good, creative thing you have always put off – right now? Just go and do it. Be free, step into your potential, let your rainbow shine.

Changing the ephemeral need to be happy into saying ‘I am not unhappy’ connects us back to ourselves in the present, liberates us from the past and clears our way into the future – even the future a moment from now.

If this new paradigm is difficult to grasp, rest easy, being not unhappy will come another time. Find that neutral space where you can say ‘I am not unhappy in this space’. Nurture your inner strength and the rainbow inside of you will grow.

Even in very dark times, when the false god of happiness is unattainable, a private moment of being not unhappy is always available to you.

Everyone can centre on the new motivator. Feel space expand, feel the inner rainbow they didn’t want you to find shine brighter. Free yourself from the endless chase to be happy.

Instead, simply and bravely know you are not unhappy and feel the world change around you for the better.


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