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Lovely 15 minute video. Of you believe you can’t draw watch this!

I met a pensioner for the first time at a dinner with my pensioner friend Julia.

Julia’s friend told me she would love to paint but said she couldn’t.  Her teacher (at school!) mocked her painting so she didn’t paint again.

I said she should go home and dip a paint brush in some paint and simply place it on a piece of paper and she will have painted; that everyone and everything is unique and no one can take that away; she should go home and just do that and see where it takes her.

Several years later I was at Julia’s. I noticed a painting of some flowers advice the spare bed. It was lovely. I asked if she had done it and she said “No.”

“Do you remember my friend you met at dinner? She’s died now but she painted it for me.”

I was gobsmacked and very teary. So wonderful that she had gone away and just painted. And not only that she had painted something wonderful and had made that into a gift for our mutual friend.

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