I was sent to this fresian, touched up by blue #DavidBowie dreamsong #PierceBrown #AdamBuxton

I was sent to this fresian
touched up by blue

Bowie’s sung words echo as I wake with an exotic shifting sea landscape pictured in my mind, Bowie singing along, Blackstar style.

A video he made for me whilst I slept. A tree lined beach viewed from over the sea.

A voice so pure and detached.
Mournful, melancholy, wistful and as blue as the sight of death approaching in a cab sailing on the oceans of time and space.

Sing through me Bowie,
Let me tell the world your words.
Let me, next time, not wake.
Remember your whole song.

This time I’m startled awake
Thinking you’re here

…I was sent to this fresian
touched up by blue…

I recall the tune he’s singing to. It’s from the Next Day LP’s first release – Where are We Now? My heart breaks.

The words mean nothing as I wake. Meaning lost in waking, changed by the dreaming.

The fresian was the scene of the polarising sea.

Are these words naught but a play on the words of Wordsworth as I realise the bovine connection. A matter deeply resonant with myself.

I wander lonely, as a cow.

Words echoed in my poem Peace – as spoken by the bull.

The blue of the sea – the sky.

The fresian, the beautiful cow.

Three lives lived in the shadow of them all.

…I was sent to this fresian
touched up by blue…


I look up the word. It’s misspelled – deliberately?

The first result is a picture of a black friesian horse.


There are friesian chickens, cows and sheep too.

Friesian describes a part of Holland, the Netherlands. Germanic.

A definition:


  (frĭzh′ən, frē′zhən) alsoFrie·sian (frē′zhən)


1. A native or inhabitant of the Frisian Islands or Friesland.

2. The West Germanic language of the Frisians. It is the language most closely related to English.



Fresian – a band name spelt the same as the dream song

Fresian. The cover art reminds me of the liquid on Aladdin Sane’s shoulder (mentioned last night at BUG – see below).


Rock, metal, doom are tags on the band page. With evocative song titles I have yet to hear – my beautiful wife sleeps next to me.

Flor, Gnarro (reminds me of Red Rising by Pierce Brown), Ward, Fire Would, Our Way Along and Moonraker.

Moonraker almost describes my dream but from the point of view of the protagonist, David Bowie.

“Are you feeling alright? 
are you feeling okay? 
I’m never left with much to say… 
are you cool with this? 
are we on the same page? 
lost in the ocean, these waters strange. 

come for me, or just let me be 
comfort me, or just let me be 
whatever the need 

stay below 

caught in a wave, its been storming for days 
and I can’t keep the salt from my eyes 

are you feeling alright? 
are you feeling okay? 
I’m never left with much to say… 
are you cool with this? 
are we on the same page? 
keeping the energy high and strange”


Death metal?

The song titles, especially Gnarro, remind me of the trilogy I just read by Pierce Brown, Red Rising. A wonderful series begun on Earth, set within Mars, expanding out to all the colours of the solar system.

The Gnarro lyrics are even more evocative of the story:

“Chase the sun 
follow its chariot across the sky 
Oh how they run the sky 

Chase the moon 
illuminated starlit slight 
embrace the end, embrace the night 

Where will you go knowing the end is nigh? 

This era’s over.”

There’s even Blues. Techie, plugged in, wired in, virtual individuals not unlike Mr Bowie, Mr Jones. An early, plugged in 90s internet pioneer, like myself, when the internet was free of money and ads.

…I was sent to this fresian
touched up by blue…


The words and image echo in my mind.

Inspired no doubt from seeing Adam Buxton‘s BUG at the Albert Hall, Manchester, last night. A fantastic evening of heartfelt and heart warming Bowie moments. Highly recommended if you don’t mind laughing until your cheeks hurt!


Thanks for a lovely morning jaunt, David.

Safe surfing, Sailor. Be you next time.


Steven Eden

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