Explore the Forest as well as the Trees #science #themembranes

My Urge To Scientists Everywhere

I cannot wait for science, once again, to broaden its scope back into art and philosophy.

We are getting very good at looking at the same things in higher and higher definition (which I love!) but we are becoming scared to look beyond; in case, our pathetically calling of everything un-sciency, or that which science does not understand, as noo-noo, bites us in the scientific rear.

And it will do.

There is a whole infinite forest of science to be discovered out there. Maybe it’s time to stop just looking at the same few trees and widen our research?

It is a truism that there are no constants. If there were, nothing would move, only nothing would exist in its constant unshifting perfection of absolutism.

If perfection/nothing ever did exist, there’s no way back. One is aware. Try as One might One can never (I use the word because we are here) ever become nothing again.

Everything is evolving. As scientists and philosophers let’s broaden our view, let’s look outside of the scientific community and grasp things that can’t possibly be true and try to understand them.

Perhaps we will even change the paradigm of science as we go – as we have always done – as only recently we have stopped doing?

Power to the elbow of any scientist who turns from the safety of their tree and starts to explore the forest.

Think safety first!

Don’t go too far. Expand our knowledge (and genuinely please, please do continue to deepen it with incredible and amazing research) both carefully and gradually.

Dismiss Nothing. Explore Everything. There is joy in learning and even more in discovering.

Steven Eden

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