Peace – As #SpokenByTheBull – a poem by Steve Cunio #vegan #dairy #peace

Peace – As #SpokenByTheBull

I remember the last time with Jane
What a cow
She looked so good I wanted to eat her
Suckle at her teats

Plain Jane, the dirty cow
Is always getting pregnant
With many other men
Handling her
This way and that

Over the years up they bring Jane’s sons
And drink her daughters’ milk
Fresh from the factory

But they are no bulls like me
They do so,
By ripping off plastic
Pretty picture, cardboard disguises
Of the slaughterhouse meat
For which her sons give their lives
While she, the fat cow, grows fatter and fatter
And hu’ men, women, girls and boys
Drink milk from her teats

I miss my Jane
My young, lithe cow
So pretty, so pristine
Wand’rin’ lonely as a cloud
‘Fore she got herself a career
Satisfying the greeds of
Hu’ men, women, girls, boys.. and fear

Drink, they do,
Her milk for her calcium
Intended for her calves
Taking more out of their bones
Than they ever put in
Ridding themselves of Jane’s
Non human protein
Leeching, Leeching, Leeching
Until osteoporosis sets in

Eat your Greens, Greens, Greens
Build your bones like me
Return my Jane from the factory

Live not in fear my child
Hu’ man, woman, girl and boy
Rid yourself of fear, dairy and meat
And leave us to live and love in peace

This poem is dedicated to Clarabelle

Just a month after writing this poem, the story of Clarabelle hit the headlines

I read the story at One Green Planet first:  I couldn’t believe the timing – just as I was about to release my poem.  There’s something in the air!

The story of Clarabelle affirms my poem’s purpose and is a source of hope where mostly there is none.

Share and use freely under Creative Commons license. The video is available publicly (no signin required) on Google Drive at:

I wrote this poem on 12 January 2015.  The poem was inspired by and

For the cows everywhere, please feel free to copy freely and share widely

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Wow! Organic Cauliflower and Roast Butternut Squash Curry #vegan


Wow! Organic Cauliflower and Roast Butternut Squash Curry

I was so ready for this Cauliflower and Roast Butternut Squash Curry! Again, cooked up in the usual way and done in 30 mins. That’s organic, wholefood, plant based, convenience for you! Ultra tasty, ultra nutritious. Eating it, all I kept saying was wow!

Grab some ingredients that you think go together. I used (in this order) a small butternut squash, a red onion, kale, half a cauliflower, chopped tomatoes, a couple of small diced Oasis beetroot and walnut tofu burgers, some cashews and a tsp of curry powder – which I always forget to mention! 🙂

That makes a pan full, saves energy and makes 3 portions. I do enough rice for 2 portions as I’m cooking tonight and tomorrow’s meals just for myself. I may add some misu tomorrow for a different flavour.

Put your wholegrain brown rice on for 25 mins.

Preheat oven to 190 deg C. Take skin off butternut squash, chop into pieces chunky but not too chunky else they won’t cook through in 20 mins. Pop them on a slightly soya-marged tray and into oven.

Put the extracted seeds onto a separate tray and pop in at the same time – set a timer for 10 mins else you’ll incinerate them! When you take them out, eat as a lovely appetiser.

Boil a bit of water in your frying pan. Chop and add everything on a low heat. Turn up the heat when done to heat through.

Serve. Sit back. Enjoy! I was like Wow! This is gorgeous!

I can’t tell you how much good food really makes me feel great! Mentally and physically, I feel better than ever. No toxins, no oils, no refined sugar, my body is feeling truly itself more and more.

So glad to have eased into this lifestyle and way of eating. Last night someone asked me where my favourite place to eat was. I said, honestly, at home!

Teatime Collective Chocolate Torte (vegan)


Wow! Had a fantastic Christmas Meal with the Preston Vegan Society who had journeyed over to the Teatime Collective in Hulme, Manchester for their Christmas do. So full!

I don’t know how the Teatime Collective made this amazing vegan Chocolate Torte but it is the most satisfyingly, firm but smooth, chocolate  dessert I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat. I say ‘is’ because I was too full to finish it, the last of it is in the fridge!

Thank you Preston Vegan Society and Teatime Collective for an amazingly Passionate and Compassionate Christmas meal!

Vegan Dubbin, Doc Martens and Black Polish

Just thought I’d post about my Doc Martens. People can’t believe they’re vegan. But they are and I love them!

Dr Martens Boots, Unisex 1460 Vegan Black Felix - £83.49

You can pay up to £120 for a pair but I got mine from Mastershoe for £78.49 – look for (google) Mastershoe vouchers on line for £5 off too!

Vegetarian Shoes - Vegan Black Polish

I’ve also ordered the Black Polish from Vegetarian Shoes for £3.45 inc UK delivery – basically the black version of the clear vegan dubbin they do.

Ready to get down, dirty and wet!

Throw in the Pan Organic Veg and Rice (vegan)


Throw in the Pan Organic Veg and Rice

Another very easy Organic dish to throw together in a large frying pan on a low heat.

Put your nutrious brown rice on to cook in a pan of water for 25 mins.

Heat oven to 190 deg C.  Put in the peeled (do they need peeling? – try with skins on!) and chopped sweet potatoes and whole mushrooms in to roast for 20 mins.

Roasting the mushrooms really brings out their flavour and they don’t shrink to nothing!

Boil a bit of water in the bottom of your frying pan.

Next raid fridge. I raid enough for two to three meals – it’s so tasty!

I’ve used organic red onions, carrots, courgette, broccoli, red kale, fresh tomatoes chopped and bashed and tofu. I sprinkled the lot with curry powder.

As the pan got full, I added more water to distribute the medium/low heat whilst cooking n chopping.

I prefer my veg warmed through slightly as it’s freezing outside. In the summer I’d actually eat as much of this raw as I possibly could.

Basically the less you nuke your veg the tastier it is, giving you more of its nutrients and being easier to digest, retaining its fibre.

Done in half an hour. 

Absolutely gorgeous!

My First Eastern Inspired Dish – cooked and raw #vegan


My first Eastern inspired dish, raw and cooked

Feels Amazing
It’s quite unbelievable to find that after years of eating post war mass manufactured food, sold to us as convenient, great food is even easier and tastier!

Just 10 minutes from start to finish. Two meals cooked in one go. That’s 5 minutes per meal. That’s Convenient with a capital C!

Looking through my recently uploaded Google+ photos, I passed a picture of a delicious Thai meal.  I skipped back and realised I had most of the core ingredients – or, at least, viable substitutes in the fridge.  Tonight is Thai night!

Firstly, a quick check of the packet of King Soba Organic Brown Rice Udon Noodles told me they cooked in only 6 minutes. As a calm, attentive homechef, this meant chopping the vegetables whilst the water boiled in two pans.

Into one went the noodles, into the other shallow frying pan water, the broccoli. The idea was to soften the broccoli but not overcook it, adding in the chopped mushrooms after several minutes, the cashews and spinach at the last minute.

The other veg, I felt, needed no cooking at all.

I find the less the veg is cooked to death the more I enjoy it and the tastier it is.

In the raw pile were the carrots, courgette, pepper, sundried tomatoes, all later supplemented (post photo) with radish, cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

To add to the Eastern aesthetic I cut the veg lengthways in bite size pieces.

To finish off I sprinkled the serving with Lime juice.

Ten Minute Euphoria
Seeing what I had prepared, eating and finishing it I felt elated! I still do!

It’s official!  Great, convenient homemade wholesome food makes you feel awesome!

My Second Curry – Tofu, Spinach, Mushroom #vegan #fok


Wholefood Tofu, Spinach and Mushroom Curry!

Made my first curry the other day when a good friend dropped by.  Strictly, I guess it was more of a potato and broccoli dahl being lentil based.  It was alright…  Not hot enough for me. It needed some pep.

It was, however, very well liked and wholefoody filling for my guest, so maybe after my OMG soup my expectations were too high?!

This one was different! I bought some chilli powder! “Caution : use sparingly”

Curry Number 2
What you see above is wholegrain rice with a tofu, spinach and mushroom hot chilli sauce. Firstly I blanched (is that the right term? I don’t use oil) the onions, added in a Kallo stock cube, a couple of dashes of chilli powder, a couple of teaspoons of curry powder and then whatever came to hand.

The Veg Hunt
While the rice carried on cooking, I threw in some cashew nuts; came across the spinach – chucked half a big bag in as it goes down to nothing; got the smoked (prefer non smoked next time) tofu under the grill; sliced up some red pepper – in it went; discovered the mushrooms – sliced a good portion up and whallop – looking tasty!

25 Minutes, 3 Meals Cooked!
Result! Very tasty, hot veg and tofu curry n rice.  Yesterday’s tea, today’s lunch and tonight’s tea! Just add lettuce!

So there you go. My second vegan wholefood curry!

It was lovely but still not OMG – yet!