The Edge of Now

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Page 01 The Edge of Now

At first the infinitely small point was neither big nor small for it did not occupy physical space. Neither was it a point for the same reason. However, it could be described as infinite, at least, to the extent of its own awareness.

Let us call this infinitely limited non physical state of being – awareness.

We could deduce its weight and size, within the limits of our perception if something of weight and size came from it.

At this particular point in SpaceTime, here as a human part of the awareness, we have the luxury of weight and size and can give a weight and size to the non-physical awareness that spawns universes like ours.

At present we give the names Dark Matter / Dark Energy to the unseen presence that to our minds, if it had mass / weight / size would be equal to 96% of the limits of our perception – this particular universe.

From non-physical awareness comes what we perceive as matter. The changing state of this perceived matter gives rise to the notion of time – a handy referencing tool to any given point of state change. A tool that helps make sense and give structure to awareness.

Perceived matter is a state of awareness that has laws of physics particular to any one universe. Each universe generated from awareness has its own rules of physics. These rules or laws allow for the generation of a controlled environment which in our universe allows for flexibility of movement and change, in an open lightly bound way.

You could say, for instance, the universe we perceive is an average universe. One caused by a considerate state of awareness coming into being in what we measure to be billions of years. If the same amount of matter were generated in a shorter time we (our part of awareness) might find itself in a much more cramped, denser, hotter universe; a longer time – a much more spread out, cooler, less dense universe. Equally if a particular universe were generated in a ‘start’ or ‘shock’ then that universe would have laws of physics that would exhibit those notions.

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Page 02 The Edge of Now

So where does ‘now’ go? The concept of a past exists as so too does a future. These concepts are governed by a universe’s particular laws of physics coupled with its own laws of probability.

It is very probable that paper on which I write will still be here in a moment or two in the ‘future’ but we can never be absolutely certain until it has happened.

This is not looking into the ‘future’ but it is being aware of the nature of physics and probability as to how that ‘future’ might be as we continue to simply change state.

The perceived universe and its changes of state are made more stable the more awareness as a whole is able to partition down into self governing parts of awareness.

If for instance, a particular universe, perhaps when awareness first generated perceived matter, was simply a particle big/small its laws of physics may simply be on or off. The probability of either state would be equal and highly erratic as seen through the lenses of our collective particles of awareness in human form.

Of course such particles exist around us today. However, in this particular universe collections of particles of awareness give the impression of longevity and a less temporary nature.

Through subdivision of particles of awareness, awareness as a whole can experience itself from different perspectives. This would mean that the state of awareness learns about itself through the generation of universes in which experiences can be had as subdivisions of that awareness.

Of course the awareness of which we are a subdivision could itself be a subdivision of a wider awareness and so on and so forth ad infinitum.

Awareness itself in its most self containing form (if it were ever to assume such a thing) would not be able to answer where it came from. That is why we, as subdivisions of a part of the whole of it ask that same question. There is no answer of course, and that could lead to a kind of madness explored through very erratic universes; or a very, very still awareness not generating universes at all trying to get back to or become the source of its own generation.

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Page 03 The Edge of Now

Given our average universe, it would seem that the awareness as a whole is in a better state of equilibrium, its many subdivisions indicating a better way forward being the learning about its self awareness through generation of universe after universe, each building on or at least learning from the last.

This learning is stored in non physical space. ‘Dark matter’ being the storage medium itself or the conduit to it. The conversion taking place through ‘Dark Energy’ and the generation of individual particles and collections of particles.

The experience of now is a generated state which is immediately recorded in Dark Matter and continually regenerated by Dark Matter / Energy. The subdivisions of awareness generate and interact with other subdivisions within the particular universe and, as it were, behind it.

As human beings, we have each our own subdivision of awareness that generates us in this temporary universe, with its own particular laws of physics and probabilities so we can interact with and change our surroundings and in particular, learn and indeed relearn from the experience as this particular generated form.

It is very affirming to therefore reason that all we see is a part of us. Other subdivisions of awareness, generated particles being animal, plant, mineral – everything in the perceived universe (and maybe beyond) are a part of us.

With openness of mind, treatment of everything as if it is oneself (it is) we can can go forward in these wonderfully creative forms to learn and discover new things about being aware.

We have a responsibility to preserve this human form as best we can by interacting compassionately and positively with other forms of awareness, in co-operation and in collaboration.

As we move in and out of human form as our subdivided collective of awareness we can then access the learning of ourself, our subdivided self and others, by accessing experiences of state change laid down in non physical space – dark matter(?).

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Page 04 The Edge of Now

Change of state can be represented in non physical space as a pattern that is forever changing and shifting as new learning in the perceived universe adds to it or fluctuates along existing patterns.

The best way of thinking about these patterns would be as part of a fractal. In its entirety the fractal of everything that has ever changed state since awareness came into being.

As a subdivided collective of awareness of a ‘currently’ generating universe we can choose to experience any path within the learning that our subdivided collective awareness would map onto. Perhaps the easiest way to enter learning, experience learning, would be to put our awareness into human form.

This would mean we could experience and change within the laws of physic any human path we map ourself onto. In this way awareness is constantly testing and retesting, learning and relearning from different collectives’ experiences of the same knowledge path within the fractal.

It would be difficult to know for certain whether one’s experience is within learnt history or at the very edge of now.

The fractal itself would hold information and learning pertaining to each and every generated universe that has been in its entire existence.

Universes appear to expand as we determine what surrounds us is physical and not a state of awareness in its subdivided form. The expansion is the movement necessary in order to store learnt information.

Another way of looking at it is that ‘physical’ matter is shrinking giving the perception of expansion. Whichever is the case the universe’s physical matter will give itself up to Dark Matter, non physical space as the learning potential of the universe is exhausted.

There will be no collapse as there will be no matter in SpaceTime left to collapse. There will be only the subdivided awareness containing all the learnt information behind it all.

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Page 05 The Edge of Now

It may be at this point that the filaments subdividing awareness are no longer required and awareness as a whole has access to all the learning generated by the particular universe in its once subdivided form.

This assimilated learning will inspire, shock move gradually awareness into subdivision and the generation of a new universe, probably more subdivided that the last for a wider spectrum of learning to occur.

The subdivision, collectives, births, rebirths, learning, relearning, unlearning is evident in all of nature and in particular is best represented by the spiral as movement into the unknown, at all times, is tested against the past in a two way learning state of awareness.


Awareness can never know where it came from. If it had a parent, the parent could never know where it came from… and so on and so forth.

“It can’t have come from nothing.”

If nothing ever existed it must have been before the dawning or the abrupt existence of self awareness.

If nothing became aware, nothing could ever be nothing again. Awareness excludes the ability to be nothing.

A State of Nothing would be pure, non physical, unmoving, absolute, perfection.

One truism of awareness is that there is no longer, if ever at all, perfection, absolutism, total purity, in fact no 100% anything as such as everything is temporary in nature.

Certainly one could describe Everything as One (100%) but there is no knowing whether the perceived One is actually, like us within it, a one within a One [One/one symbol] (and so on and so forth).

So we are left, as a whole, as awareness and the best thing One/one can keep on doing is learning. Seeing the beauty in learning and seeing the beauty in Everything.


BBC Horizon programme 2015­2016: 3. The Mystery of Dark Energy

Euclid Consortium
– Google Drive folder for this writing, jpegs, QR code.

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